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       OMTEC Automotive managed to attract the attention of leading tuning companies in Europe by made OEMs approved quality production. We specialized on stainless steel chrome, roof racks, carbon and wooden cover accessories. We produce over 2500 different products for over 40 brands. OMTEC exports products more than 30 countries mainly to the Europe, S.America, N.Africa, S.Africa, Asia, China and USA.

       With the successful completion of last year's business realignment, OMTEC is now poised to continue its engagement with new markets. Following our recent expansion into the Far East, including China and Japan, OMTEC now turns its attention to the United States automotive accessories market with an exciting product offering, backed by a talented and experienced team. We believe the US market will be impressed by OMTEC's high standards of quality and ethics.

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Stainless Steel Chrome Auto Accessories

CHROME PRODUCTS       OMTEC Distinguishes You From The Others Our chrome auto accessories are made of the highest quality 304 stainless steel. Our products have 3M bandage technology for easy and perfect fitment. We present OEMs approved quality with life-long warranty. Our products add elegant and brillant visuality to more than 50 automobile brands.                                    


Roof Racks

ROOF RACKS       OMTEC Auto Accessories Co. produces the highest quality roof racks for the lots of brands. Our roof racks make cars more useful and better looking with their  highest quality and stylish visuality.


Carbon Fiber and Wooden Coating

CARBON FIBER and WOODEN COATING       OMTEC Auto Accessories Co. produces the highest quality carbon cover and wooden coating parts for lots of brands by its experienced experts. OMTEC Auto supports your exclusive projects with the professional team.                           


Side Guards, Front Bars, Rear Bars 

SİDE GUARDS, FRONT BARS, REAR BARS       OMTEC Auto Accessories Co. supplies the highest quality side guards, front bars and rear bars for the lots of brands. After meeting our side guards and bars, everyone realizes how necessarry these parts for safety and usefulness.                 


Cockpitstyling and Armrest                          

COCPİTSTYLİNG and ARMREST       OMTEC Auto Accessories Co. adds comfort and elegant visuality for lots of brands with its professional team's cockpitstyling and armrest designs. These products add stylish look and comfort to many of brand’s models.




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