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Led Door Sill - Chromelight


     Our ChromeLight door sills plates are a very valuable addition to our product line here at Omtec Auto Accesories Co. This rare product is the prefect accessory to accent our popular chrome product line. Our Chromelight will encompass a wide range of car models.

      This new product from Omtec may be just the thing you need to add to your car. We use only top quality materials for our ChromeLight door sill plates. All our products are manufactured from fist quality 304 stainless steel. They have shiny or brushed effects, making them both sporty and elegant.

      Our customizable door sills are offered in Whitish blue ! We offer a wide variety of grahics and text.

      This is the real value of this awesome product. Our door sills plates products are the best way to personalize your vehicle.

      None of our door sills plates requires any permanent modification to the vehicle. We send very simple step by step instruction with every order we ship out and we are always available by phone for assistance. Our ChromeLight even have step by step installation.