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ISO 16949 Quality Management System

ISO 16949

     Aim of Omtec is to go ahead and develop itself with ISO 16949 Quality Management System that is confirmed and valid  by international quality standarts. By this system Omtec targets to achieve customer satisfaction ,analyzing datas , managing efficiently processes ,internal control  , designing products ,purchasing and marketing.

     By  ISO/16949  you can have quality starndarts and it makes you more beneficial such as: Gives you to have more  chance on competing ,  decreases many changes on suppling ,  develops  the quality of products , makes you more successfull on competitive market ,  motivates employees ,  improves company itself developing , decreases costs , increase profits and  productivity ,meets customers ‘ satisfactions , improves  markets with service quality , activates work processes,  controls  product and final processes , minimizes mistakes , records datas to reach faults , encourages employees ,gives opportunity  to  company to use commercial and business advantages by having quality certificate that is valid on international standarts for automotive market.



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