Mirror Cover 2 Pcs. (Carbon)

SKU : 1110111C

Mirror Cover 2 Pcs. (Carbon)

Compatible Vehicles

Brand Model Year Body Type
AUDI A3 (2008- 2013 ) HB 5D 8P (FL)
AUDI S3 (2008- 2013 ) HB 3D 8P (FL)
AUDI S3 (2008- 2013 ) HB 5D 8P (FL)
AUDI RS3 (2011- 2012 ) HB 5D 8P
AUDI A4 (2011- 2015 ) SD 8K (FL)
AUDI A4 (2011- 2015 ) SW 8K (FL)
AUDI RS4 (2011- 2015 ) SW 8K (FL)
AUDI S4 (2011- 2015 ) SD 8K (FL)
AUDI A5 (2009- 2016 ) SD 8T8 (FL)
AUDI A5 (2009- 2016 ) CP 8T3 (FL)
AUDI A5 (2009- 2016 ) CV 8F (FL)

Our Carbon product group, which does not contain plastic, is produced by forming the 100% carbon fiber fabric on press. Those processes followed by epoxy and polyester coating.Resistant to weather conditions. It has high strength and unlimited shelf life.They will fully concordance to your vehicle.

Mirror Cover

"Mirror Cover", which you can choose as carbon, red carbon and blue carbon according to your wishes, gives your vehicle more aesthetic appearance, at the same time it protects your vehicle against external damage and prevents scratchings and abrasions.


Our "Mirror Cover" which is produced by 100% Carbon Fiber fabric,  is manufactured as vehicle-specific, by our company. It has 100% vehicle compatibility.The product is provided with high-strength double-sided tapes and it is putted into the package as ready to assembly..Easy to install. Does not contain plastic, does not rust, resistant to weather conditions.