Omtec Automotive Accessories Co. continues to add a value to the national economy. The company that keep it’s succession for a quarter century has been awarded with Bronze Exporter Reward at Exporting Success Awards Event, Organized by OİB (Automotive Industry Exporting Union).

At the Exporting Event, Union awarded the companies that shows extraordinary exporting performance in this pandemic time period and the circumstances it caused. Also Omtec Auto Accessories Co. celebrated 25th anniversary at 2020. With this award, Omtec Automotive added another milestone to their collection of achievements.

Hüseyin Bağcı, Chairman of the Board of Omtec Auto Accessories Co. “I am proudly accepting this award on behalf of whole Omtec Family, primarily for our marketing department. I am justifiably proud by having this award. The way we started with the “Simple touches, great differences” philosophy, we are planning to keep our momentum and we will reach the higher steps with increased production and labor capacity. I believe this wholeheartedly. I’d like to thank to whole Omtec Auto Accessories Co. Family, to our customers and to our working partners that makes us worthy for this award. May our achievements last forever, together.”


Omtec Automotive A.Ş., which has been operating in the automobile accessories sector for 25 years, has an innovative production approach that is getting stronger day by day, with the support of developing technology. showing compliance with international standards in all it’s activities and overseeing the continuous improvement objectives with innovative companies, the success achieved in the production area in Turkey is progressing step by step to capture the target in the world.

Positioned as a global player in the sector, Omtec Automotive A.Ş.provides the quality management standard with the IATF 16949 Certificate it has recently received. Omtec, which has the IATF 16949 quality system certificate, which shows that automotive products have the highest quality in all stages from design to maintenance, certifies that it speaks a common language with automotive manufacturers and related suppliers all over the world. In other words, it marks a quarter-century success.


Omtec, which was founded with the motto of "small touches, big differences" and that cares about the quality since it’s establishment, adds a different perspective to the vehicles. Omtec, which brings the visual tastes of automobile enthusiasts to life and adopts it as a mission to provide them with more comfortable driving experiences, never compromises on quality service and customer satisfaction. Omtec takes into consideration the management, people, work that been done, product and service qualities required to meet customer demands with a superior service and quality understanding within a system approach, taking into account the participation of all employees, goals, and consensus during the production process. With this culture of quality, Omtec makes the final touches to the vehicles that people love and admire, making car lovers happy by making big differences with small touches.


Developing and presenting the best automotive accessories in terms of creativity, efficiency, aesthetics, and quality to it’s customers, Omtec Auto Accessories attributes it's innovative structure to it’s young and dynamic staff. In a short time, the leading company in the sector for a quarter of a century, taking it’s place in e-commerce in digital platforms, one of the needs of the changing and transforming world, thus reaching the end consumer. While exporting to more than 50 countries and also continuing to cooperate with official OEM affiliates, Omtec, the leader in it’s sector, started it’s journey with it’s young team, OMAC GmbH, which was established on an area of 2500 m2 in Wuppertal, Germany in 2006, and OMAC, which was established in Houston, USA in 2018. USA Inc. has managed to become an innovative and global brand with it’s branches.



Selling products to all European countries through OMAC GmbH, an online retail-focused sister company that it established in Germany, Omtec Automotive A.Ş. is currently operating in an area of 2 thousand square meters in Germany. In 2018, OMAC USA Inc. The auto accessories manufacturer company, which started it's operations with an investment of approximately 2.2 million Euros, continues to lay the foundations of it’s global formation in France with an investment of approximately 1 million Euros in 2021. Providing service with 15.000 kinds of products on the online network, the organization proves it's success with it's sales on online platforms.



Standing out with it’s carbon fiber product group, Omtec Auto Accessories makes simple, stylish and functional products that the end consumer can install on their vehicle. Omtec Auto Accessories, which produces carbon fiber parts not by coating method, but from real carbon fiber fabrics, is distinguished from it's competitors with this feature. The company, which produces many products such as mirror cover, door handle, luggage strip, trunk lower trim, door sill, fog frame, front grille, front door sill, rear bumper sill, tank cover and glass molding, has produced these products stylish and elegant. In addition to the appearance, it also underlines that products such as the rear bumper sill have protective properties and provide benefit’s.



Always analyzing the needs of the industry and it’s customers, Omtec Auto Accessories, working with the principle of customized planning for the customer, automobile brands, models and the market, plans production activities by understanding the needs and requirements without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. Omtec eases the burden of the vehicles thanks to the functional carriers it produces with this culture, and enables many items such as boxes, bicycles and ski equipment to be carried easily in the vehicle with these carriers. Omtec, which demonstrates it’s quality by obtaining TUV certificates for many carrier models it produces, is the choice of customers thanks to it’s easy-to-install products. In addition, assembly equipment and assembly instructions are included in Omtec product packages.